Dan Dare Viewing Spectacular

This week, to celebrate the return of a new Dan Dare comic, we are not doing our usual TV, DVD/BluRay and Film round up. Instead we are sharing links to some Dan Dare online goodies for your visual pleasure all in one easy post. Get yourself some tea and toast and enjoy a couple of hours of the Pilot of the Future!

Nationwide Frank Hampson Interview

Fun and frolics with history thrown in

The Eagle Story

1950s Dan Dare Trailer (maybe!)

Elton John Dan Dare track

Pathe News article on Dan Dare

A brief history of Dan Dare

Is the Mekon misunderstood?

Dan Dare Mobil ads

2000AD Dan Dare

Original Dan Dare animation TV series trailer

Dan Dare 2000AD original trailer

Dan Dare radio station toy

Tribute to Dan Dare

Dan Dare Virgin Comic

Dan Dare in Tea and Toast

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