Review: Judge Dredd Megazine 388

Devlin Waugh adorns the cover of the latest issue of Judge Dredd Megazine with a highly enjoyable strip inside with classic art, images and a storyline with enough mystery and intrigue to pull you in for more.

The first Dredd story ‘Collateral Damage’ is contained and surprises in its predictability at the end but remains the better of the Judge stories throughout the issue.

Dominion, featuring the Dark Judges, captures a film noir effect with Nick Percival art with snatches of the ‘Alien’ movies thrown in for good measure. However I prefer a little humour in my stories. I guess that’s why I was attracted to the ‘Whatever Happened To’ series of strips.

Some are hit and miss, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the characters, but I did like those featuring Tweak (a satisfying conclusion), Giant (an emotional ending), Alec Trench (sheer memory lane indulgence) and Maria, Judge Dredd’s cleaning lady. The Maria story is a hoot making her even more entertaining than when she was very much alive in all those early Dredd stories. I hope 2000AD can bring her back somehow!

The Judge Dredd Megazine 388 is in shops now til 3rd October alongside 2000AD weekly and fortnightly Judge Dredd and 2000AD hardback collections.

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