Review: 2000AD 2050

The eagerly awaited jumping on Prog 2050 is 52 pages of dramatic thrill power to recharge your circuits.

A Dredd story opens the proceedings with a plot centred around Icons and the power of the media. When 2000AD used this as a vehicle in the 80s it seemed preposterous our ever move being watched by news and reality TV, but now sadly it feels all too familiar. It will be interesting to see how this story progresses.

My favourite story was Rogue Trooper in a Soldiers Duty – a great back story, introducing you to the character with fabulous characterisation and artwork from Leonardo Manco. I detest stories that end with the blast of a firearm but hard to judge what else could be done here – but an enjoyable strip on the whole.

‘Grey Area’ could have potential, setting up the story for next issue, although some of the costumes and language jars a little. Great art from Lee Carter sets up ‘Indigo Prime’ well. I was never a fan of ‘Sinister Dexter’, although I know how they feel going around old haunts. And the Dark Judges appear again in Deadworld. The lack of humour throughout most of these stories (except Sinister Dexter) is deadly and for me separates classic 2000AD from the new. It’s saying something when Judge Dredd feels like the Jack Dee style comedian of the title now!

That lack of humour is evident in the Slaine story by Pat Mills and Simon Davis, but there is enough in there to keep current fans of the Celtic Warrior happy.

It’s all rounded off with a magazine feature on Zenith, which feels like a wee cheat considering there is just the one Steve Yeowell illustration that has been used extensively for pre publicity for this relaunch issue.

I’m sure there is plenty of mileage in a 50 something superhero pop singing sensation and I hope 2000AD are never gonna give you up and do something more with him in the future!

2000AD Prog 2050 is on sale now – and you can also see your favourite 2000AD stories of all time here.

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