Commando titles this week

Tally-ho, chaps! The latest Commando tales of action and adventure see our heroes on land, sea and in the air! From Marines in the Pacific, murderous U-boat captains, feuding flyboys and zealous Zeros, this Commando set has it all. Get your copies this Thursday, 13th April!

Home of Heroes: Glory In Guadalcanal
Tommy Hicks was fed up. He had joined the US Marines to see action and gain glory. Only, his unit had been moved from airfield to airfield without seeing hide nor hair of the enemy, not to mention any combat. How was he supposed to make his pop proud and earn his respect if he didn’t even get to fire his rifle?
Well, Tommy was going to find out that there’s more to war than glory —even if he had to learn it the hard way!
| Story | Ferg Handley | Art | Vicente Alcazar | Cover | Vicente Alcazar |

Gold Collection: Atlantic Veteran
Commander Ernst Strubler — ace U-boat captain with a list of kills as long as your arm, a veteran of the fearful battles of the Atlantic convoys.
Lieutenant Dave Moore of the Royal Navy — secondincommand of a sub-killing corvette. He was another veteran — he’d seen his first ship sunk by the Uboat, and barely escaped with his life.
Now they were ranged against each other again. For Strubler, it was a race to cripple the convoys that were Britain’s lifeline —for Dave it was a chance to settle the score with Strubler once and for all. It looked as if nothing could make either give way… short of being sunk.
| Story | RA Montague | Art | Watson | Cover | Jeff Bevan |
Originally Commando No. 957 (1975).

Action and Adventure: Out of Sight
Edward Cuthbert-Powell and Archie Perkins may have been top of the class together at RAF Flying Training School, but the pair had little else in common. While Edward was loud and brash, Archie was quiet and a bit of a loner, much to the frustration of his classmate. When both are assigned to RAF Biggin Hill for the Battle of Britain, Edward begins to suspect there is more to Archie than meets the eye. But with the fight against the Luftwaffe hotting-up, will Edward get to the bottom of Archie’s secret?

| Story | Frank Buhagiar | Art | Diego Garavano | Cover | Mark Eastbrook |

Silver Collection: Bombs Gone!
The Japanese fighter screamed in to attack the Blenheim — but suddenly the bomber dodged aside, leaving the astounded Japanese pilot firing at thin air!
At the controls of the British aircraft was Sergeant Ron Elliot, a natural pilot who was an ace at whatever plane he was flying. The trouble was, he knew it. And his commanding officer knew it too… and didn’t like it!
| Story | Staff | Art | John Ridgway | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1415 (1980).

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