The Cossacks are coming

Cinebooks have announced this new title on their social media. We think the Cossacks cover is amazing.
“Cossacks 1 – The Winged Hussar
“1634, Ukraine. Karlis, a young Winged Hussar of Poland-Lithuania, sickened by the carnage of war, deserts. To cleanse their honour, the men of his old unit hunt him mercilessly, while two people secretly observe the pursuit. They are Cossacks, from a people of freedom-loving warriors … and it is with them that Karlis will eventually find refuge. But if he left his regiment, it’s also because of the last orders he was given, which he refused to follow: the king of Poland-Lithuania wants the Cossacks disarmed …”
After “The Regiment” and “Nottingham”, it is quickly becoming clear that Vincent Brugeas on writing duties means a story that will be thoroughly documented and respectful of historical reality … while also managing to be engaging and exciting. No mean feat, that. “Cossacks” is the latest project to be graced with his talent, and combined with the stunning art of Yoann Guillo and Ronan Toulhoat, it makes for an absolutely cracking read. So do yourself a favour, pick up this first volume and discover a poorly-known period of history, and the free men who left their mark on it.”

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