Dave Gibbons on Ice Cast and more comic news.

Shane Chebsey has announced Dave Gibbons is on the Ice Cast on 16th March.

“Really looking forward to this week’s ICE CAST LIVE with the one and only Dave Gibbons

Be sure to tune in at 8pm GMT on 16th March.

Steve Tanner, after his Quantum announcement last week, has revealed the cover of Brawler Issue 3 by John Higgins.

You can also support Time Bombs current Kickstarter Stephensons Robot by Dave West here.

Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle are launching their Kickstarter on Friday – their 146 page tribute to Bolt-01 Dave Evans.


Meanwhile the 77 publisher Ben Cullis has suggested a reprint of the Bogie Man is in then offing and we are promised issue 2 of the Haunted in March.

It’s official now, Ben Dunn of Antarctic Press, Ninja High School and Warrior Nun Areala (which Netfix based their drama on) has announced that Shaman Kane will be published in the USA by Antarctic Press in their PLANET COMICS #21.

Other kickstarters to support this week include Hancock be quick ends today , the latest from Steve Ingram Burn With Me and Monty Nero Death Sentence graphic novel. There are many more titles to support on Kickstarter – go check them out.

Lots of news to catch up on from Rebellion.

Coming this December: Nemesis the Warlock – The Definitive Edition Vol.1

Long out of print, The Definitive Nemesis the Warlock collects one of the stand-out 2000 AD series and presents it in the best possible format for a comprehensive reading experience, highlighting the art in an oversized format to allow the reader to fully luxuriate in the highly-detailed artwork of the late, great Kevin O’Neill.

Long regarded as one of the crown-jewel epics from the pages of 2000 AD, at long last Nemesis the Warlock is back in print and better than ever in a brand-new series of Definitive editions.

Written by Pat Mills (Marshal Law) and drawn by Kevin O’Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), this definitive series is a comprehensive collection of the complete storyline in order, and features development sketches showing the evolution of Nemesis and the Blitzspear.

Termight is the ruling planet of a cruel galactic empire, an empire led by the diabolically evil Torquemada, a twisted human despot intent on purging all alien life from the galaxy and punishing the deviants. His motto: Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave! But there is rebellion and resistance to his rule in the form of a devilish-looking alien warlock called Nemesis, who represents everything that Torquemada hates and fears. Together Nemesis and Torquemada are locked in a duel which will affect the fate of humanity and each of them on a personal level as their conflict spans time and space!

Monster Fun is going monthly. Have you checked out the Monster Fun SPOOKY SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL? Only available with Monster Fun subscriptions – starring Hell’s Angel, Sweeny Toddler, Frankie Stein, and more!

Subscribe to get yours at: http://www.monsterfun.co.uk/subscribe2023

Fall in, soldier – Battle Action is back and it’s bigger and better than ever, with a brand new five-issue mini-series launching this May! Issue ones features JOHNNY RED by Garth Ennis & Keith Burns and HMS NIGHTSHADE by John Wagner & Dan Cornwell https://bit.ly/3JgfGvO

There is also a free sampler of the comic here

Don’t forget there is a Swap Meet for classic comics in April.

And finally the latest ComicScene+ digital comic (issue 6) has been released. Check out all the titles here and sign up for over 50 comics and growing!

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