ComicScene News – Battle/Action Gossip

Lots of news to catch up on this week – rumours are to expect an announcement on Wednesday about a new Battle/Action title from Rebellion. Following on from the Annual published last year and after winning the ComicScene Award for best OGN UK this is likely to set the UK comic internet alight.

Two books have also been announced by Rebellion this week – Misty celebrating 45 years of the girls mystery and horror comic and Comic Book Punks by Karl Stock, who wrote articles for ComicScene, on the comic creators from the 70s and 80s and how they help shape and influence popular culture.

Comica celebrates 20 years with a variety of comic talks and panels including Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons who both have autobiographies out this year. Details of this talk and all the festival events can be seen here.

Renfrewshire libraries will be celebrating Will Eisner week at the beginning of March – check out one of the events here and find out about other panels and workshops here. Our ComicScene Arts Centre Comic Con takes place on 11th March and details of the event and the current exhibition is here. The Ian Kennedy exhibition moves to Dundee University until May. Details here. Scotland certainly is the place for comic events this year!

Talking of Ian Kennedy his Dan Dare cover is featured in the Mega City Comic Book Podcast this week here.

Check out the new Comics For the Apocalypse here.

2000AD and the Megazine come out this week. There’s also some great kickstarters to get your teeth into.

Technofreak the graphic novel can be found here.

Madeline launches its Crowdfunder from today.

The Sentinel continues with the Pack. Just launched it has reached its target but give them your support here. Back issues in digital will be coming to our ComicScene+ platform soon.

Hancock The Lad Himself is now on Kickstarter and it looks stunning. Back it here.

There also an interesting 12 page £1 short comic called Predators on Kickstarter too. Back it here.

And our final Kickstarter is for the Action Force Battle Years book here.

Week Two of Aces Weekly 61 is here and here’s the mix that’s on the way : the secrets of Lovecraft’s long lost tome are revealed in the bizarre, Labyrinth, from Roberto Goiriz ; mourning breaks for uneasy company in Outpost Z from Pablo Barbieri and Jorge Luis Gabotto ; Living The Dream gets to be dangerous from Fer Calvi ; Peter Gallant plays detective in Peter Gallant, from Josh Greulich ; super-powered hired killers head for a contest in combat in Sicarios, from Roberto Corroto Cuadrado and Ertito Montana ; Black takes us back to days of the rave, from Tobias Taitt and Anthony Smith ; Carlos Pascoa brings us tough times in Space ; and A Cry From The Forest lures us to a strange encounter at the hand of Ale Mangiarotti! All this in up to 150 pages, including Extras, delivered to your screens in 7 parts every week like super pizza slices with tons of toppings from Just Eat! And for JUST £1 per week here

Back to the newsagents and there are new Commando’s out. This is our favourite cover of the four releases. You can also pick them up in digital.

5619: Home of Heroes: Achtung, Destroyer!

This is where it all began, in the Mediterranean Sea, 1941. John Griffin and Martin Beaumont were two Aussie skippers poles apart in nature. One was a stickler for the rules, the other had but one — do whatever it takes. However, a German raider was about to bring them both together to form an unlikely alliance. That was, if they didn’t sink each other first…

Following Mario Morhain’s sad passing last year, Esteve Polls takes the artistic reins of The Wombat The Tiger series, doing his predecessor proud. Towns’ prequel telling all about the pair’s origins and vendetta does not disappoint either, and with another cracker of a cover from Keith Burns, this sensational series strikes again!

We are close to wrapping up all your news for this week. Joel Meadows has shared the cover from his forthcoming Sherlock Holmes comic. It’s cool and here it is.

If you missed all the results of the ComicScene Awards 2023 at the weekend you can read them here

We also made the news this week with our comic exhibition and news of the March 11th ComicCon. Details here. We hope you can make it along!

Finally – well, here’s the Flash trailer featuring Michael Keaton as the Batman! Right here.


Here’s the covers from the Battle Action comics announced Wednesday 15th February. Order all five issues here.

With all the excitement you may have missed this from Steve Tanner at Time Bomb Comics.

“Time Bomb Comics is proud to announce Quantum, a new, physical comic magazine which will be available in newsagents across the UK and select international retailers, in a bold new step to reach a new audience.

Following on from the success of Time Bomb’s 2022 Gerry Anderson Spectrum anthology, Quantum will be available bi-monthly in WH Smith’s, alongside independent newsagents. The title will also be available internationally, with distribution already secured in Germany, Sweden, Australia and the United States.

Quantum #1 will contain five stories, and begin four ongoing serials, each one set in a world alternate to our own. Full details of the stories themselves and the creators involved will be revealed soon.”

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