Atomic comes to Amazon

NOW ON AMAZON. Get it today! Atomic Comic celebrates 35 years since first being published in 1987 and 30 years since it ended in 1992. The NEW Atomic Comic, from the makers of ComicScene, is 52+ A4 pages featuring all new strips from the best in British and International comic creators.

Crime story ‘The Negotiator’ by Diego Guerra.

Horror and Sci Fi in ‘Special Delivery’ by Peter Gouldson and Rebecca Elise.

Superhero ‘Nightcowl’ by Richard Carrington and Brian S, Dawson, creators of Mahoney’s.

War story ‘Back From The Beyond’ by Christoff Rdgz and Igor Chakal.

‘Finish Lines’ by Ben Humeniuk is manga meets romance.

Peter Gouldson and Phil Elliot serve up a piece of Sci Fi tales in TV Dinners

Magic and fantasy in ‘A Thousand Suns’ by Kevin Gunstone and Chris Geary.

Plus 2000ADs Stewart Kenneth Moore’s 4 pager Whaddaya Mean There’s No More Goddam Rice?

Atomic – ComicScene Special

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