Commando Comics for end of 2022

Anti-heroes abound in these brand-new Commando comics! From the Australian Navy in the Pacific to Australian SAS in Vietnam, and from the enigmatic Red Cloaked man to a fanatic Nazi in charge of a squadron of unstoppable aircraft! All this in Issues 5603-5606 — out Thursday 22nd December, 2022!

5603: Home of Heroes: The Buffer

Chief Petty Officer Michael O’Rourke is a beast of a man with an attitude to match. He could kill a man with the chip on his shoulder — if his anger management issues didn’t get them first. Well, this big man soon finds himself in trouble yet again — only this time his actions have far-reaching consequences which could get a lot of innocent men killed!

Issue 5603 is Brent Towns doing what he does best, brought to fruition by Paolo Ongaro’s exceptional interior artwork and Mark Harris’s bullet-biting cover!

| Story | Brent Towns | Art| Paolo Ongaro | Cover | Mark Harris |

5604: Gold Collection: Lair of the Hawk

No-one had ever seen anything like these aircraft. With contra-rotating propellers, four massive cannons, fuselages that were the ultimate in streamlining, they rose vertically from their secret cavern, faster and deadlier than anything else in the sky. Nothing could stop them. No-one could even find them. And what was worse, they were commanded by a fanatic, a madman, an officer who did not know the meaning of mercy.

This classic Commando from 1976 was selected by Commando readers as a ‘By Special Request’ reprint and it’s easy to see why!CG Walker’s off-beat story is masterfully brought to life by John Ridgeway’s amazing work on interior and cover art!

| Story | CG Walker | Art | John Ridgeway | Cover | John Ridgeway |

Originally Commando No. 1021 (1976).

5605: Action and Adventure: No Heroes 

Welcome to the jungle! But it’s not fun or games for Private Ian Ewell when he arrives for his first posting with the Australian SAS in Phuoc Tuy in 1968. Thrown in at the deep end and faced with everything from guerrilla traps to flesh-eating ants, the green recruit finds the dense jungle of Vietnam to be even more perilous than he ever imagined. His teammates need him to come up to speed fast, and with his dreams of valour swiftly fading, Ewell must come to terms with the fact that in a war this complex, there can be… No Heroes!

Andrew Knighton weaves an intricate Vietnam story in Issues 5605 with Jaume Forns’s interior artwork conjuring dense and oppressive jungle scenes. The theme of a stifling, claustrophobic jungle is echoed in Neil Roberts lush green cover with added snake appeal!

| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | Neil Roberts|

5606: Silver Collection: Red Cloak

An important British general had just been captured by the Germans and, at any moment, he would be taken back to their lines. It looked to be a very grim situation. But all was not lost. One man could yet save the day. He was a tribe leader… the man they called Red Cloak.

Issue 5606 features our second CG Walker story with art from Fleming and Ian Kennedy! What a treat!

| Story | CG Walker | Art | Fleming | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

Originally Commando No. 1417 (1980)

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