Panini France announce increases

Panini France have shared a comment on their social media which is impacting all comic makers in the U.K. and Europe in terms of paper shortages and on costs.

‘We wanted to inform you transparently about the changes in the tariff grid that will take place from January. As you know, the entire book industry is undergoing a colossal rise in paper prices (but also transportation, ink, printing, etc.) ). This unfortunately forces us to rearrange some of our prices but we have decided to do so on a limited number of collections and introducing new price grids for Must-Haves and Epic with high pageant.

Here’s the rundown of the changes that will be in effect starting January 2023 (all other collections or formats not mentioned are impacted):

  • Collectors (softcovers at €16 whose price remains unchanged) go from €20.99 to €22.
  • Next Gen, Marvel-Verse and Marvel Action increase by €1.
  • The new Must-Have Grid:
    -> 16€ up to 144 pages (unchanged)
    -> 19€ from 152 to 192 pages
    -> 22€ from 200 to 240 pages
    -> 25€ from 248 pages
  • The new Epic Collection grid in softcovers/hardcovers:
    -> 26€/30€ up to 424 pages (unchanged)
    -> 28€/32€ from 432 to 480 pages
    -> €30/€34 from 488 pages

We are aware that the budgets of our readers are also affected by the magnitude of the crisis we are all going through and that is why we have chosen to target these increases on as few albums as possible. This allows us to absorb a (small) part of the increase in costs that affect all our production. With this in mind, these increases will only affect new releases starting January 2023 (with the exception of Next Gen and Marvel Action, whose older releases will also be switched to new prices).

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