Horrors of War with Commando

Commando 5583-5586

Commando comics celebrate the spooky season of October with a month-long, bone-rattling bonanza featuring supernatural stories and things that go bump in the night! The Halloween specials begin with issues 5583 – 5586 on sale on Thursday 10th October, 2022!

5583: Home of Heroes: The Ghoul Squad 2: Footprints in the Snow

First up in the spine-chilling set of Halloween Commandos is Issue 5583 and the return of Mike Garley’s Ghoul Squad — as something hunts them in the Alps! What started as a search and rescue mission to find an RAF reconnaissance plane soon becomes a desperate struggle for survival! With Nazi captors, deadly blizzards, and something monstrous stalking them on the extreme slopes, there is sure to be blood in the footprints in the snow!

| Story | Mike Garley | Art| Manuel Benet | Cover | Manuel Benet |

558: Gold Collection: A Stirling Called Satan

Eerie Issue 5584 was picked ‘By Special Request!’ from a reader for our Halloween specials of Commando! A Stirling bomber so unlucky, it had to be cursed by the devil himself! Every time the crew set off on a mission they wondered if it was going to be their last. Even its number, 5-3-5, added up to 13!

With a spooky story by RA Montague and uncanny art by Mira and Keith Walker, it’s no wonder that this creepy classic Commando was summoned by Commando readers to rise again!

| Story | RA Montague | Art | Mira | Cover | Keith Walker |

Originally Commando No. 869 (1974).

5585: Action and Adventure: Frightful Tales

Gather round, for what awaits you inside this Commando is a collection of ‘Frightful Tales’ sure to keep you up at night! Join six Canadian infantrymen as they tell ghost stories to entertain each other on a cold Halloween night in the Netherlands in Issue 5585!

This grim and gruesome grimoire of stories was written by Colin Maxwell and brought to life by Alberto Saichann! But there’s more, as British comics legend Graham Manley makes his Commando debut on the cover of Issue 5585 – keep your eyes skinned for more from Manley!

| Story | Colin Maxwell | Art | Alberto Saichann | Cover | Graham Manley |

5586: Silver Collection: Fangs of Fear

You may be thinking of vampire fangs when you hear ‘Fangs of Fear’, but this Commando features a different set of gnashers entirely – in the form of a deadly, venomous cobra! And this wasn’t the first time a cobra had fixed Lieutenant Bob Morton with a hypnotic stare —but that was when he was only a boy. It had haunted his nightmares for many years since then, and now it was happening again! Was this the time for him to die?

A more traditional Commando offering for readers who want a break from the more supernatural scares on offer this month. Issue 5586 features the golden trio of Commando contributors CG Walker, CT Rigby, and Ian Kennedy!

| Story | CG Walker | Art | CT Rigby | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

Originally Commando No. 1398 (1980)

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