Crowdfunder: The Brewgooders Anthology Comic

In 2019 Geoff and Colin  set up the Podcast ‘The Brewgooders’. It was a  response to the fact that a Craft Beer shop, The Caledonian Craft Beer Merchant, opened a few doors down from our Local Comic shop, The Little Shop of Heroes,  in Dunfermline. 

They started of by picking up a few comics and a few beers each and reviewing them. They visited brewers cons and pubs and chatted to folk. 

When covid hit, like everyone else, they changed format. For the last few years they have interviewed comic creators and other interesting people and become part of a really amazing community. They have met loads of people, have created comics, have been printed in nationally accessible comics and newspapers, been named in parliament motions, recruited amazing co-hosts Andrew Magee and David Cranna and have interviewed guests from excited upstarts to some of the biggest names in comics (including co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kevin Eastman).

They are now over 140 episodes in and are still going strong. They want to do something else to say thanks and celebrate comics. They have met with some of the countries most exciting emerging talents and established characters to bring you this anthology.  Details here

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