Crowdfunder: WesterNoir Volume 2

Josiah Black has been many things in his life: farmhand, cowpoke, sheriff, rebel outlaw, killer, drifter and now a monster hunter.  

Under the direction of Mr. Caligary, Black finds some contentment, hunting hell-spawn critters that roam the land masquerading as ordinary folk, monsters who are preying on the innocent. 

That is until Caligary’s motives are brought into question by Greta Anderson, the woman who introduced Black to the hidden world of monsters…

 Volume 2 follows Black as he tries to find the depths of Caligary’s manipulation and what that means for him and the monster hunter he has become.

This 176-page collection pulls together the now out-of-print issues 5 to 8 of WesterNoir. As with Volume 1 we’ve added extra pages here and there to enhance the story. 

All pages have also been coloured with the moody palette of Matt Soffe, bringing an extra level to the tale. This book is brought to you from Time Bomb Comics.

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