Monster Marvel Memories

Writer and artist, Tim Quinn & Dicky Howett, met up in the Seventies and went on a rampage across the comic book world with their wacky strips and cartoons. Signing on with Marvel Comics, they brought British style humour to the famed Marvel Universe with strips involving all of the comic book giant’s greatest super-heroes. This book captures the best of their work with Marvel and other companies in the UK and US from the Seventies to the Nineties.
Also featured are Quinn & Howett’s memories, photos and memorabilia from this heady time period. EXTRA SPECIAL FEATURE #1 A poem specially written by Stan Lee never-seen-before on ‘How To Be a Super-Hero’.
EXTRA SPECIAL FEATURE #2 A free comic book inside this book featuring Quinn & Howett’s take on Doctor Who’s Dalek World!

More information and get you book here

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