ComicScene Review: Thunder Child Issue 1

Mad Robot And Madius Comics join forces to bring you Thunder Child Issue 1 of 3 from writers Matthew Hardy and Rob Jones, Artist Kevin Castaniero, Colourist Simon Gough, Letterer Rob Jones and Editor Fred MacNamara.

I’m a sucker for all things ‘War of the Worlds’ and when this preview issue popped into my email box it immediately attracted by attention.

Told from the viewpoint of crew and passengers on HMS Thunder Child this title is set up quite nicely introducing the main characters, leading slowly and surely to a maximum impact and quite shocking fiery finale to set up the next instalment.

Castanieros artwork is a master class in just enough penmanship to showcase a massive talent at work that leaves colourist Simon Gough to wield a colour palette which screams invaders from Mars and the horrors of what is to come. If ever you never seen an artist and colourist working together in a perfect partnership you will not get better than this.

This is a ‘must get’ book that is currently on Kickstarter now and it will not disappoint. Pledge today here. Come on Thunder Child!

Review by Tony Foster

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