Monster Fun 3 out next week

Coming Soon from Rebellion – Monster Fun #3 (Summer Special)
ON SALE PRINT & DIGITAL: 3 August 2022 £3.99
In this issue:

Kid Kong by Alec Worley (w) Karl Dixon (a+l)
Steel Commando by Ned Hartley (w) Dan Boultwood (a) Leila Jess (l)
Frankie Stein by Cavan Scott (w) John Lucas (a) Gary Caldwell (c) Amber Sea (l)
Draculass by Lizzie Boyle (w) Edward Whatley (a) H.A. O’Millar (l)
Home Invaders by Juni Ba (w+a+l)
Martha’s Monster Make Up by David Bulmer (w) Abigail Bulmer (a) SquakeZz (l)
Hire A Horror by Matt Baxter (w+a+l)
The Leopard From Lime Street by Simon Furman (w) Laurent Lefeuvre (a+l)
Hell’s Angel by Chris Garbutt (w+a+l)

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