Alan Grant – one of the greats

I asked Alan Grant if he’d like to write the Kirknewton Story and to my delight he agreed. I knew him from his UK and US comic work and had enjoyed listening to him speak at the Tron Theatre many years ago, but this request was based on his Moniaive COVID Comic and Community work. We never met, just spoke on the phone. As it turned out Alan had to withdraw due to his health but he was generous with his time (and as direct and humourous as I expected) and suggested a few other writers which led to a finished project. For me he was one of the greats who made unpretentious adventure stories with the dark humour and political satire that I love in a comic book – which makes picking his work up from time to time a sheer joy. Thoughts go out to Sue and his family at this sad time.

Tony Foster

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