Atomic launches on Shift’s new crowdfunding platform – 2 weeks to pledge!

It surprised everyone when the return of ATOMIC, after 35 years, didn’t get funded on kickstarter.

Tony Foster explained, “We appreciate money is tight so we didn’t offer high value scripts, sketches and extra’s. That was maybe a mistake. We just wanted to produce a great comic, pay creators and get it out the door to readers. We pitched our target fairly high, based on previous KS projects, but didn’t take into full account the impact postal charges may have, creators being slightly upset at Kickstarters recent announcement on NFTs and money being tight for everyone.”

However ATOMIC has now partnered with SHIFT to launch a new crowdfunding platform. “We have been experimenting for a while on different options as an alternative to traditional crowdfunding platforms. We know we have support from a core group of people which is fantastic, perhaps we will pick up some new comic fans willing to try something new and thanks to Shift’s postal charges and fulfilment service the cost of postage will be slightly less so we can have a more reasonable goal. ATOMIC was always known as experimental so we thought we’d give this a go.”

You can choose the same bundles as before in digital and in print.

Want to be at the forefront of the alternative crowdfunding platform – try here

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