One thing about Kickstarter is there’s always a good selection of quality horror themed comics, and I was lucky enough to come across Abyssal Albion this week, currently kickstarting it’s third issue.

It’s set not far from now, in an England that’s gone to shit but not in a Brexit-y way. It seems that the Old Gods have risen, as they do, and what they’ve left behind is not a pretty place. The series follows (so far) a brother and sister who are simply trying to survive the madness, and of course they don’t get to just waltz away into the sunset, no siree.

Issue one sees them in some creepy woods, where they are befriended by a burly woodsman who seems to have their interests at heart, but as this is a horror book things soon get nasty and escape becomes a priority. In issue two they are pitted against a group of fish people who basically are tied to a massive Kraken like being that is rather fond of sacrifices. Again, escape is on the cards.

I’ve tried not to give too much away, because I think you should basically go and find out for yourself. Whilst the third issue is uncompleted at this point I thoroughly enjoyed the first two, which are pacey and unsettling in that glad-I’m-at home-sipping-cocoa sort of way. Thomas J Campbell provides a good script that’s filled with weirdness and peril, with no big info dumps as we gradually work our for ourselves what is happening. Wayne Lowden’s art is black and white and still very effective, though he does change style a little between issues. I had to go back and check to make sure they were both dealing with the same couple, and a little front page exposition may have helped. It’s a small niggle, though, and these are two impressive full length comics that really made me want to see what happens next.

The Kickstarter runs for 19 days and features one of the best videos I’ve seen, a brilliant mock news montage of everything going to shit. You can get all three issues in physical or digital as well as T-shirts and other paraphernalia. Take a look, this one should be a keeper.

Kickstarter Link:

Issue 1 Cover
Issue 2 Cover

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