I ❤️ Comics Convention – all in one place

The I ❤️ Comics Convention took place on Saturday 12th February 2022 here at ComicScene.org We celebrated 45 years of 2000AD, 40 years of Eagle, comics in general and announced the winners of the ComicScene Awards 2022. You can scroll through all our posts here or, for your convenience, we’ve put everything in one handy place here! Enjoy!

Honourable mentions to those outside the Top 20.

Number 20

Read the ComicScene Annual 2019 for FREE here. Like it? Then support our current Kickstarter ATOMIC COMIC – back after 30 years!


Number 19

Number 18

Read Crikey Volume 1 for FREE here – get all back issues when you become a Friend of ComicScene.

Number 17

Number 16

Read ComicScene Volume 2 Issue 2 for FREE

Number 15

Atholl Buchan remembers Ian Kennedy in this interview.

Number 14

Pick up the Best of ComicScene Batman Special – the history of the Dark Knight at http://www.getmycomics.com/comicscene

Number 13

Atholl Buchan speaks to Boo Cook about his comic career.

Number 12

Get your FREE copy of the History of Comics 1977 here.

Number 11

Number 10

Here’s Scott Montgomery speaking to Mega City Book Club about the 2000AD Directory

Number 9

John McShane speaks to Colin MacNeil about Dredd and his body of work.

Number 8

Dan Cornwell talks to Brew Gooders Colin Maxwell.

Number 7

Number 6

Back their latest Kickstarter here.



Catch the boys talking on Brew Gooders here https://fb.watch/b8AmwhZQpK/

Number 5

Support their latest Kickstarter here.



Number 4

Check out the Judge Dredd Gallery here

Number 3

Samuel George London speaks to Stewart Kenneth Moore about his Comics For The Apocalypse here.

Stewart Kenneth Moore, artist of the 2000AD Directory cover, also has a strip in the new ATOMIC COMIC. Pledge here.


Number 2

Time Bomb and Killtopia creators talk kickstarters.

Number 1

Congratulations to 2000AD for being our ComicScene Awards Ultimate Winner in its 45th year!

Thank you to everyone who nominated or voted for your favourites, everyone who was nominated and everyone who took part in this years I ❤️ Comic Con.

It would be lovely if you could support our latest Kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/comicscene/atomic-comic or become a Friend of ComicScene for only £20 a year to ensure the future of these Awards. When you become a Friend you get all our current publications in digital and your ComicScene Weekly too (the weekly newsletter looks a little like this page)! Here’s the latest issue with details of how to become a Friend of ComicScene.

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