2 comics loved by Kickstarter for 2.2.22

Get not one but TWO comics on Kickstarter for just £14 (plus postage) on 2.2.22.

Just announced as a Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ ATOMIC is back – 35 years after it launched and 30 years after it ended.

There’s crime in ‘the Negotiator’ by Diego Guerra, horror in ‘Special Delivery’ by Peter Gouldson and Rebecca Elise, superhero’s in ‘Nightcowl’ by Richard Carrington and Brian S Dawson, war in ‘Back From The Beyond’ by Christoff Rdgz and Igor Chakal, RomCom ‘Finish Lines’ by Ben Humeniuk, Sci Fi in ‘TV Dinners’ by Peter Gouldson and Phil Elliot and magic and fantasy in Kevin Gunstone and Chris Geary ‘A Thousand Suns’.

But that’s not all.

Based in Scotland ATOMIC also brings you the Best in Indie comics Scottish Special too. 48 pages of the best in Scottish talent, including Captain Scotland from the original Atomic!

Pledge here.

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