Shift Volume 2

There’s a Shift Winter Special and one last volume of Shift to go and the Shift Volume 2 starts, according to their social media.

“We’ve been prompted by our loyal readers that we’ve been slack on updates and we apologise!

We’ve been flat out lining up…

Issue 10 – cover to be revealed in the next day or two, and expected to be on shelves 10th Feb.
It’s another bonus sized 100 page flipbook introducing a new indie publisher, and this issue wraps up the amazing Kora, and current Killatoa insert run.
Online purchases get a bonus print again this issue.

Issue 11… which we can officially reveal will be known as Volume 2 Issue 1! – cover to be revealed imminently, includes a series starting it’s run in SHIFT, a feature on (and strip by) someone we’re enormous fans of, plus lots more.

Volume 2 Issue 2 – more new stories, which keeps us packed throughout volume 2.

The next SHIFT Presents is imminent and will be popular with fans of Kora, with at least two more specials lined up for the year… plus a special mini series run in between.

The SHIFT Special (the artist formally known as the Winter Special) will be shipping in the next couple of weeks, and with luck will be in newsagents for a much longer period with some new arrangements, so you’ll see three or four SHIFT related titles on the shelves at the same time!

On top of all that…. we’ll be attending our first conventions this year – look out for the announcement on that, so you can come say hi and meet some of our amazing creators!”

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