2000AD Covers Uncovered 2021 : Review

2000AD Covers Uncovered

Review by Luke Williams


Cover art collection books can seem like cash in, compiling covers that fans already own in a single volume. 2000AD have a talent for selling fans the same product over and over, and we diehard fans are only too keen to give them our money. How often would you read it? Is it really worth the outlay?


Except…the Meg and 2000AD continue to attract great artists. In 2021 a wide range of  newly minted droids and older models, contributed high quality and eye catching covers to attract readers to the thrills inside. Contributors include Alex Ronald, the Might Mike McMahon, Cliff Robinson (who provides the greatest number of covers), Mark Harrison, PJ Holden and many more.


Apart from logo less images, which Meg subscribers will have had monthly anyway, most of the images have a narrative from the artist on the creative process, their inspiration, editorial direction examples of prelims and thumbnails. The narratives are all very readable, witty and insightful and the whole thing is printed on high quality glossy paper stock which sets off the images very effectively. However, many may approach the package with some cynicism. Most of the covers and accompanying narratives can already be found on the 2000AD website,  expanded and in some cases accompanied by video of its creation. Tharg seems intent on milking this cash cow, recycle, reissue, repackage, repackage. But there is clearly a market for this kind of thing.


For a tenner, this seems a bit steep, but there are worse ways of spending your money. This has been billed as the first covers uncovered annual, even if you consider that you may already have the Progs and Megs in question, this is worth a punt as an insight into the creative process. But check the website out first.

Meanwhile, Rebellion, we want a collection of Bill Sienkiewicz’s Judge Dredd Titan covers.

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