Santa’s Workshop, North Pole – November 29th, 2021 – Ho Ho Homicide! X-Maschina, a new horror-comedy sci-fi Christmas comic from creators Steve Urena (Slow Pokes, Zombie Date Night), Misty Graves (Co-host on The Longbox of Darkness Podcast), and artist Lane Lloyd (Sable, God Puncher) is coming to Kickstarter! The project will be live from December 1stt o February 1st, 2021.

Twis’the year 2045,
And Santa is leaving
Christmas behind – He’s just stopped believing…

“Teaming up with Lane Lloyd and Misty Graves has made this Grinch love Christmas. Together we combined our favoUrite things: horror, humour, science fiction, and Christmas to create the perfect holiday concoction that we
hope turns into a Holidaytradition.” – Steve Urena

“Our Santa story is about what it takes to shine a light into the dark caverns of one’s soul, find that spark of Christmas joy, and ignite it to illuminate the world. It is a 20-page journey of rebirth, redemption, and gift packaging human remains. It asks the question “Have I been a good shopper this year?” Creating this comic has
kept me laughing all the way. I am very proud of what Steve, Lane, and I have made together.” -Misty Graves

Can Saint Nick stop the bots in his North Pole arena?
Find out in the holiday sci-fi horror-comedy comic X-Maschina!
The robots are taking over, and AI is snotty!
They’re judging everyone to be extremely naughty!

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steveurena/x-maschina-the-futuristic-holiday-horror-comedy-comic

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