Self Made Hero titles for Autumn 2021

SelfMadeHero is offering you three new graphic novel titles this Autumn to curl up and read.

The first is STRAYS, written and drawn by Chris W Kim (Herman By Trade) . UK publication date: 14th October (US 21 Nov),

The second title is CATALYST anthology edited by Ayoola Solarin, which is the result of the unique GAP project uniting professional creators with young new writers and artists of colour. from UK.

Launched at Lakes International Comic Arts Festival on 16th October, with many of the contributors in attendance. UK publication date: 29 October (US 1 March 2022).

The final title for 2021 is the graphic biography of DIEGO RIVERA, Written byFrancesco De La Mora and illustrated by José Luis Pescador. UK publication date: 11 November (US 10 Feb)

In Strays A young man flees a disaster at home, and comes to live in the city with his sister, making ends meet by taking a job as a deliveryman – only to encounter a flood of old friends and past acquaintances on his daily route… At first elated by the company of these waifs and strays, their own desperation for work begins to trouble his conscience – but what happens when you can’t deliver help to everyone? Chris W. Kim’s distinctively detailed graphic style embodies an elusively disquieting parable of modern isolation, and of the ties that bind – or fail to bind – society together.


Chris W. Kim is a comics artist and illustrator. A graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, his clients include the New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter, among others. Herman by Trade (SelfMadeHero, 2017) was his first graphic novel. Strays is his second.

SelfMadeHero aim to publish ground-breaking and beautiful work by authors and artists from across the globe, from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound. They are proud to bring readers graphic novels and visual narratives that provoke, entertain, inspire, and inform. They pride ourselves on having high editorial and production values. Releases for 2021 include: Krent Able and Julian Hanshaw’s I Feel Love; Fermín Solís’s Buñuel: In the Labyrinth of the Turtles; Pierre Péju and Lionel Richerand’s Frink & Freud; Pierre Christin and Sébastien Verdier’s Orwell; Reinhard Kleist’s Knock Out!; Chris W. Kim’s Strays; Ayoola Solarin’s Catalyst; and Francisco de la Mora and José Luis Pescador’s Diego Rivera.

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