Luther Arkwright is now complete

James Robertson has confirmed on social media that Luther Arkwright is now complete. He said, “After two years’ solid work, Bryan has finally finished drawing the entirety of the first Luther Arkwright story for twenty years. At 234 black and white story pages, with an introduction by SF writer Adrian Tchaikovsky, it represents a different kind of adult adventure to the previous two Arkwright stories, while maintaining total continuity with the Arkwright mythos.

Set fifty years after Heart of Empire, The Legend of Luther Arkwright is another stand-alone story. Pursued across multiple historically divergent parallel worlds, both utopian and dystopian, and facing a far superior adversary, Arkwright battles to save humanity from mass destruction; his only edge is his experience and force of will.

Published in the UK by Jonathan Cape and Dark Horse Books in the USA, it is scheduled for publication in July 2022.

This is an exclusive first appearance of the cover, which has been designed to accompany the one for Grandville: L’Intégrale.”

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