Brand new from Commando Comics

Brand new Commando issues 5479-5482 are out soon!

5479: Home of Heroes: Judas in Jersey
As the people of Jersey anxiously await the expected invasion of the island by the Germans,
a number of young Jerseymen plan to escape to England and join the British Army
— including Billy Cooper. The only problem is Billy’s mum won’t let him! She wants her boy
safe at home and will do anything to keep him out of harm’s way. But when Billy helps an
injured Commando who is later betrayed by one of the islanders, he can’t take it any more
and sneaks off to join the Royal Marines. Littles does he know that the war will bring him
back to his sleepy island and the traitor from years ago…
A classic boys’ adventure from Steve Taylor, perfectly complimented by Paolo Ongaro’s
skilful art and Carlos Pino’s enticing cover!
| Story | Steve Taylor | Art | Paolo Ongaro | Cover | Carlos Pino |

5480: Gold Collection: The Long Walk
Dusty Rhodes was a lance-corporal and a tough reliable soldier. Yup, he was an ordinary
enough bloke — until the day he found himself in command of a squad of brigadiers and
generals! Only he could navigate them across the enemy-filled North African desert safely
— and they were more than happy to obey his every command!
A thick and fiery cover from Penalva, the texture of the paint is beautifully rendered in this
reprint, adding to the grit of this white-knuckle tale!
| Story | Allan | Art | R Fuente | Cover | Penalva |
Originally Commando No. 428 (1969).

5481: Action and Adventure: Vengeance
Peter Ford and Rahul Bose were masters of the skies in their Hurricanes. Meeting during the
Battle of Britain, then flying raids together over France, there were no wingmen like them.
But sadly, the war had different fates for each, sending Peter to North Africa and Rahul back
to India. However, it wouldn’t take long for the two to cross paths again as the pair must
face off against the Japanese and the impending Operation U-Go — all they need is a little
Hart and a lot of Vengeance!
A debut Commando by Suresh Ramasubramanian, this issue has everything you could ever
want — globetrotting through famous events and theatres of war before culminating in the
skies over India.
| Story | Suresh | Art |Carlos Pino | Cover | Keith Burns |

5482: Silver Collection: The Hawk and the Dove

The facts speak for themselves — from a speed of just over a hundred miles per hour to over
four hundred, then one or two machine guns to many more and better ones with some
cannon thrown in too — there was certainly a massive difference between the fighters of
the First and Second World War. One thing they had in common though, was that to make
the most of the machines called on men of great skill and courage to take them into the
thick of the action — men like The Hawk and The Dove!
When Commando reprints a classic aviation issue, you know exactly the legend whose art
graces the cover — and this Ian Kennedy number does not disappoint! Stripping back the
cover to focus on both flying machines, the meticulous level of detail is unmistakable.
| Story | CG Walker | Art | Denis McLoughlin | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1741 (1983).

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