ComicScene Podcast of the Week & others to listen to

Tom Stewart from That Comic Smell podcast joins the book club with the third Judge Dredd and Batman crossover from 1995. Check out That Comic Smell on SoundcloudTwitter, and their comic at Big Cartel.

The Podcast can be heard here

Let us know at who whose podcasts and vlogs we should be listening to and watching and they may feature here…

Every Monday, comic book writer, Samuel George London, interviews interesting guests about what comics they’d take into the apocalypse.

Sponsored by ComicScene, this week’s guests is comic book creator and jolly good gentleman, Josh Hicks, who tackles an alien invasion apocalypse. Listen here

The world of comics is ever changing, and with it the way that websites and journalists cover the medium. This week Gary Watson (Comics Anonymous) joins the Awesome Comic Podcast gang to talk about his journey of covering comics in the 10 years CA has been going. As well as that, there’s plenty of insightful chat, great indie books to check out, puns, cats, laughs and comics! Listen here

In their thrilling two hundred and sixty-fifth episode Fox and Conrad continue their journey through the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic with Progs 812-815 of 2000AD, covering December 1992. This episode Dredd deals with old rivals and Christmas fun, Dead Meat returns with a history lesson, Finn, Luke Kirby, Revere, and Robo-Hunter all take a leap, and it’s séance time for Brigand Doom! Listen here

Leading up to the Scream! and Eagle merger in episode 40 of Where Eagles Dare, they present a new Eagle Data File for the two Scream! imports, covering the story so far from the pages of Scream! In this episode: Alan Grant and John Wagner’s ‘The Thirteenth Floor’, illustrated by Jose Ortiz. Step inside ultra-modern Maxwell Towers, where cybernetic superintendent Max watches over all his residents – and metes out horrors on those who threaten them… on his Thirteenth Floor! Listen here

Five Years later…
That Comic Smell are still here. This episode is just a general comics chat and catch up as they celebrate their 5 year anniversary and what a time it’s been. We have made so many friends, talked about incredible topics, had a laugh, chatted to amazing creators, had interviews with heroes, went to cons, made a comics together, just generally enjoyed ourselves and so much more. Listen here

The Brewgooders speak to the Pride Comic Art Festival here.

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