Slaine Dragontamer available to order

The stunning new adventure of Pat Mills and Angie Kincaid’s legendary Celtic warrior, Sláine is available to pre order!

Originally serialised in 2000 AD, this incredible hardcover sees Sláine lead a rebellion against the tyrannical reign of the Emperor Brutus and his Trojan army and features jaw-dropping art by standout talent Leonardo Manco (HellblazerAvengers).

As Brutus uses dragons to bolster his despotic reign and spread terror across the land, Sláine takes the fight all the way to New Troy – and discovers the secrets that lie in Brutus’s dungeons

Dragontamer features multiple pages that have been remastered specifically for this collection by Manco, enhancing his storytelling and critically-acclaimed work, and transforming the original serialised story into a career-defining work of art!

The limited webshop exclusive hardcover edition includes a stunning new cover by Leonardo Manco, and is individually numbered and signed by Pat Mills.

Details here

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