New Commando Comics Out Thursday

Brand new Commando issues 5471-5474 are out Thursday! With two issues spanning the World Wars, from the Siege of Tsingtao, aerial dogfights over Europe, to the sweltering heat of the Burmese jungle, flooded fields of Holland and even the frosty fjords of Norway — this is one globetrotting set of Commandos not to be missed!

5471: Home of Heroes:  Churchill’s Commandos: Alt For Norge!

They’re back! Commandos James McKay and Jack Ambrose were icecold under pressure, almost nothing could crack their cool determination and highlytrained nerves. But they never expected a frosty reception from none other than the Norwegian Resistance! All is not what it seems, however, as the pair make a discovery that could shatter even the thickest of glaciers. Can they keep their tempers— or will they be put on ice?

A follow up Commando focusing on the comic’s namesake, this time our heroes are taking on a U-boat base in Heath Ackley’s fraternal romp, with charming art from Khato and a chilling cover from Neil Roberts.

| Story | Heath Ackley | Art | Khato | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5472: Gold Collection: One Man Mission

Corporal Matt Brady was sent out alone. All around him were icy floods and German patrols who would show him no mercy. Yet he was the only man who could save his battalion. He had to get through… Then he found an ally, a strange ally — a German soldier!

A tight, tense tale from Allan with nothing less than masterful art by Gordon C Livingstone — from the blue and orange contrast of the cover to the inky depths of the interiors, Livingstone proves why he is so beloved with this issue.

| Story | Allan | Art | Gordon C Livingstone | Cover | Gordon C Livingstone |

Originally Commando No. 425 (1969).

5473: Action and Adventure: Divergent Empires

A friendship forged in battle, Corporals Christopher Green and Ryu Fujiwara met through the haze of bullets and smoke as both their nations faced the Germans during the Siege of Tsingtao. Theirs was a kinship that lasted the rest of the war and well into the decades to come. For Green and Fujiwara, Japan and Britain were not so different. That is until the Anglo-Japanese alliance ended and the world was thrown into a another war in which these nations and men found themselves no longer as allies — but enemies!

Brand-new Commando artist Alberto Saichann brings life to Dominic Teague’s sombre tale of friends forced on opposite sides of war. His detailed spreads and expressionistic art cements him as one to watch out for in Commando’s impressive artist ranks.

| Story | Dominic Teague | Art | Alberto Saichann | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5474: Silver Collection: The Warbirds

A quiet Burmese village, remote from the savages of battles of the First World War… yet on the wall in one of the huts hung a collection of photographs showing the men and machines which had fought in the skies over Europe during that wasteful war. Out of place though they might have seemed, they were also to be a grim prophecy of greater changes which lay in the unsettled future.

A striking cover by Ian Kennedy, the juxtaposition of the yellow on blue Sopwith camel from WWI above the blue-green on yellow of a WWII Hurricane perfectly sets up the reader for the duality versus similarities of war within!

| Story | CG Walker | Art | Gordon C Livingstone | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

Originally Commando No. 1728 (1983).

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