Captain Britain Omnibus available to pre order

The new 624 page Captain Britain Omnibus – Available to pre-order now!

Alan Moore and Alan Davis represent two of graphic storytelling’s greatest innovators. For each, this is their first masterpiece, a fitting repository of the literary and artistic standards they would establish. A story that would influence the heart and soul of comic books for generations.For Brian Braddock, it began when the Merlin of Arthurian myth took him to a world sideways to his own. And when the events that destroyed that world begin to repeat themselves on his own, he faces a destiny that he cannot avert.

Collecting MARVEL SUPER HEROES #377-388, THE DAREDEVILS #1-11, THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL #7-16, CAPTAIN BRITAIN VOL. 2 (1985) #1-14, CAPTAIN AMERICA VOL. 2 (1968) #305-36, THE NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL (1986) #2 AND UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL (1987) #11 Pre-order now, direct from Panini:

Don’t forget you can get the Captain Britain History of Comics at the latest Kickstarter here

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