Simon Furman shares Leopard From Lime Street Story

To The Death writer Simon Furman has announced he has done a new Leopard From Lime Street story for the new issue of Monster Fun (due out in October) and explains why it is a career highlight on his social media.

“Little story. It’s March 1976, and I’ve just turned 15. Comics, as a ‘thing’, are behind me. I’m into books and movies and (in theory at least) girls! But less than one week after said birthday I happen upon an issue of Buster comic in a newsagent – the cover (dated 27th March) screaming “The amazing story of Billy Farmer – half boy, half leopard!” I’m intrigued. I take a look. I decide, ‘ah, it can’t hurt’ and purchase the comic. Well, Billy Farmer (aka The Leopard From Lime Street’) sinks his claws deep, and, well, I’m hooked – again! I get right away it’s a kind of British Spider-Man (all the tropes are there – radioactive bite/scratch, kindly aunt, irascible newspaper editor, bully, amateur photographer/takes pics of himself as The Leopard), but I love it all the more for that. The stories are great and, more importantly, fun! And the art… wow… Mike Western and Eric Bradbury are on fire. At first I’m just picking up Buster for the Leopard From Lime Street, but having rekindled my interest, comics are soon a ‘thing’ again. Flash forward to now, 11th Sept 2021, and here I am announcing that I’ve written a new (‘classic’) Leopard From Lime Street story for the upcoming (Oct 6th) Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular special from Rebellion – deliciously drawn by Laurent Lefeuvre (Fox-Boy). Two words – CAREER HIGHLIGHT.”

We love the Leopard From Lime Street and looking forward to the new series.

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