Batman Forever on U.K. newsstands

Batman is no doubt one of the most popular comic characters in the U.K.

The characters titles are best sellers in comic shops and Panini continue their new comic in newsagents. Brian Bolland recently did a specially commissioned cover for Forbidden Planet Liverpool featuring the character and even Covid couldn’t stop a Batman title returning to newsagents.

We have recently been looking at old copies of Smash! (Lew Stringer will be writing about the comic for our 1966 History of Comics) and there is Batman on the cover!

Or even old copies of TV Tornado – he’s there too!

Batman was one of ComicScenes most popular cover characters and this issue was a big seller. We will be featuring all of our Batman content in a Best of ComicScene Batman Special as part of our next History of Comics Kickstarter.

The character will also feature on the cover of two of our next History of Comics books covering 1966 and 1989. Get notified about eh start of the Kickstarter here.

Expect more Bat titles next year when The new Batman is released – based on Batman Year One!

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