It’s the future! A glorious place where there’s absolutely tons of robots, all with artificial intelligence. In fact, there’s so many robots that human beings no longer need to work or do much of anything really. EVery human family is assigned a robot to cater to their every whim, even go out to work daily just like humans used to. The thing is, these robots are intelligent, and powerful… what could go wrong?

This new series from Mark Russell (The Second Coming) and artist Mike Deodato Jr (Spider Man) is looking like being a bit of a classic. It concerns the odd situation that robots could easily squash us all, but instead they serve us, and even go to work creating machines that will eventually make the robots making them obsolete. It’s no wonder that the robot central to the story, Razorball (they all have cool robot names) is having a bit of an internal crisis, trying to be a better robot instead of like a grumpy hard working father who resents his family. Elsewhere, the seeds of robot rebellion are being sown, and we get a demonstration of just how easy it would be for our metal friends to murder us all then disguise it as a malfunction. Will Razorball allow himself to be persuaded by bad influences to kill all humans (thanks, Bender)? Better buy it to find out.

Russell’s script us quite wordy but never dull, sensibly peppering the script with black humour that works well. Diodato Jr is never anything less than a stable hand on the art side, and he really does a fine job here, with his lifelike but weirdly rough seeming style fitting the story to a T. Remember, just because all robots could squash us like bugs, not all robots would want to do so. It’s a great premise, beautifully done, and well worth checking out, as AWA studios once again prove to be more than a match for Image when it comes to creativity and originality.

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