The 77 out to buy from this weekend

The77 issue 6 continues its run with another 64 pages of the best of brand new strips from today’s emerging talent and superstars alike. There are 3 covers, a variant each from Glenn Fabry and Hal Laren and the standard retail edition features breakthrough artist Ian Stopforth.

We’ve seen a preview and the title is going from strength to strength with a balanced roster of strips including;
V – Future and past collide in this bloody gladiatorial spectacular by Steve Bull and Ade Hughes

Extinction 2040 – Humanity faces climate shift as wars rage on the last habitable lands of the old world. Created by Paul Goodenough with art by Ian Stopforth.

Animal Kingdom – John McCrea and Paul Neal’s four page tale of human hubris and animal revenge.

Jǫrmun – A Viking epic. Join Jarl as he seeks not only his place in Valhalla but a seat by the side of Odin. By Dave Bedford and Bruno Stahl.

Galactic Geographic – asks in space can anyone hear you moan? By Noel K Hannan and Warwick Fraser-Coombe

Division77 Origins – The cost of becoming a cyborg fighter in the Division is laid bare by Dave Heeley and Hal Laren.

Mr Meeker Monster Maker – The secret of life and death might be discovered along the way. By Bambos Georgiou and Andy Meanock.

Silver Jubilee – It’s 1977 and Ameena has a choice, either to become an Avatar of a Goddess or retain her humanity? By Dave Heeley and Andrw Sawyers.

Sgt Shouty of the Moon Force! Space war has been declared and Shouty needs to hold his tongue. By Lew Stringer.

Red by Night, Black by Day – Since the discovery of the Portal in the 16th century, the English Midlands have become the industrialised ghetto of the Portal folk. Created by Jo Helley, art by Rupert Lewis Jones.

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