I have to admit when The Book of Solomon Part One ended it was quite frustrating as the story was that good I wanted to know whodunnit! Thankfully the wait for Book 2 wasn’t that long!

Part Morse, Part Sweeney this comic has it all and it’s not just one of the best indie comics I’ve read from Time Bomb but one of the most enjoyable comics I’ve read in a long time.

It has humour, adventure, two cool cars with pitch perfect dialogue from writer Roger Gibson and sumptuous art from Vincent Danks and colours from Andrew Richmond. London Town has never looked so good!

Okay the plot may have an air of familiarity about it but then don’t all TV detective dramas. And that’s where this pair should be – what a great telly series this would make.

You must own this comic in your collection – get them from Time Bomb comics here

And don’t forget there is a Harker short in the new Brawler comic too – you can pre order that here.