Bolland Apex Edition Call Out leads to Bolland reveal

David Roach has given an update on what seems to be the most eagerly awaited comic book ever produced.

“Work on the upcoming Brian Bolland Apex edition from Rebellion is almost done, with only a few weeks to go before the book is sent to the printers… but there’s still time to contribute! Do you have an amazing page of Judge Dredd artwork by Brian? If you’d like to see it included in the book please do let me know! And if you have a shy friend who hasn’t posted their collection on-line please send them my way, there are still many pages I’ve not managed to track down yet. The book is looking absolutely incredible I must say- think of it as an art gallery in print devoted to one of the greatest British comic artists….. I can’t wait to actually see it all in the flesh.”

After the call out Brian Bolland offered up some of his own work – having seemingly not been asked! David Roach also mentioned on a recent Lawless panel that Brian wasn’t that keen on seeing his work warts and all rather than the final published version. However when Brian mentioned he had some Walter the Wobot pages artist Simon Fraser felt he ‘might get some money for those’. Brian agreed – and so do we!

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