Horror comedy is an interesting genre, as easy to get disturbingly wrong as entertainingly right. At times it can feel like a bit of an overloaded genre, but like any genre new additions are welcome if they bring something fresh and preferably bloody.

“Slow Pokes” is certainly a welcome comic, asking the question I doubt has been on many people’s minds: What if sloths were, well, fast? You know sloths, those lazy-ass barely moving things with the MASSIVE CLAWS. Now we have you thinking, right?

Set in contemporary small town America, the story centres around a group of teens visiting a local amusement park/science centre/zoo type place, (which sounds awesome) little knowing that an experiment gone awry has just released a bunch of fast, intelligent and decidedly lethal sloths into the park. Whoops! From there on things go as they usually do in this sort of thing, with gory deaths, neat quips and the whittling down of non main characters. Standard, but fun.

As a whole, Slow Pokes has a lot going for it. The page count is a snappy twenty, with the ending promising at least another chapter down the line. Writer Steve Urena does a good job of creating some solid teen characters, even if some of the dialogue/slang took me a while to decipher. It all moves at a decent pace, with enough gore and gigglesome moments to hang on to that horror comedy tag comfortably. Artist Juan Romera keeps the visuals pretty clear and consistent, and boy can that guy draw a sloth! The creators go well together, and nothing feels out of place of forced.

Overall, I can easily recommend Slow Pokes as a perfectly fun distraction from real life, well presented and drawn plus easy to read with some nice, snappy dialogue that rarely comes across as forced. Trust me, you’ll never turn your back on a sloth again… just in case.


EXTRA: Steve Urena has a new comic, Zombie Date Night (a zom-rom-horrom-com), on Kickstarter as I type. It’s fully funded and almost complete, so take a look and back it if it intrigues you (it looks like lots of fun). Hopefully we’ll bring you a review soon.

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