“The World’s only Feline Science Superhero!”. Uh… say what? This is Chrono Cat, from the mind that brought us Megatomic Battle Rabbit, it seems that Stu Perrins like writing about fluffy cute animals, but in a way that grabs your attention. I’m cool with that, and I love cats, so let’s dive in.

Chrono Cat (for it is he) is on a mission to the Jurassic period, where Colonel Krypto, also known as the Zombie King (really) wants a sackload of cash or he’ll destroy the first living thing. Not sure why he’s brought it forward to dinosaur times (and all it’s dangers), but I’m pretty sure this comic isn’t intended as a history lesson.

This is issue one (of three), and it’s an impressive start. Armando Zanker’s art jumps out at you with it’s clear lines and I love Chrono Cat himself, and everything feels complete, like you’ve jumped in on something that’s been going for years. This issue contains the origin of Chrono Cat, sandwiched into the adventure as a flashback, plus another villain (Luther) and Chrono Cat’s squad of two helpers who send him where he needs to go. He can not only travel through time (duh) but is also “fifty times stronger and smarter than any human”, so he’s pretty awesome, and has a cool blaster ray gun to boot.

Stu Perrins handles the character well, and this issue contains a good balance of action and exposition. It’s not intended as a mature readers title or anything like that, and has the similarity to Megatomic Battle Rabbit in that it can be equally enjoyed by kids and adults. It’s comics for fun, nothing more, and in that respect it nails the brief. Naturally, this issue ends on a cliffhanger, and the final proof that it all works like it should is the fact I want to see what happens next.

With Chrono Cat, the creative team have a very viable product spearheaded by a mascot that in the hands of people with money and contacts would be this Christmases best selling toy. If anyone with money and contacts is reading this could they please sort it out, as I really want a Chrono Cat plushie. Cheers. Failing that, you’ll have to get the issues on Comixology, with issue one available at the end of this month published by Markosia.

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