Remember the good old days (puts on rose tinted spectacles) when a film wasn’t a film unless you could get a (usually) shoddily illustrated tie in comic? If you were really lucky, Alan Dean Foster would do a novelization as well. It seems someone at Warner Bros/DC miss those days too, as today sees the release of this 140 page adaptation of the sequel we never really wanted to the 1996 toon tie in.

Scripted by Ivan Coen and drawn by no less than twelve artists and nine colourists, this certainly feels like a throwback, and has been released before the movie opens, so apologies for any minor spoilers,m but let’s be honest – no one’s going to watch it for the plot twists, because the only twist in this sort of movie is the star’s team has to be losing then do something special to come back and win.

So… twenty five years on it’s now LeBron James who gets to share the page (and screen, obvs) with various Looney Tunes characters. Due to, um, stuff, he is put inside a computer program by an evil computer program, along with his son, who programs computers. What could be simpler! LeBron has to pick a team of players from the Warner Bros universe, but instead of Superman etc he’s stuck with Looney Tunes for, you know, reasons. Story wise it’s as predictable as you’d imagine, and art wise as good as we’re likely to get, with those nine colourists doing a bright job throughout.

Oh, man I’m so glad I finished it, though. This means I never have to read it again, as it’s pretty shite. You can see that there’s some good jokes to come onscreen, but static Looney Tunes just aren’t fun. The movie will probably be fun, (once the Looney Tunes turn up, anyway), but this is a pretty redundant and unwanted adaptation, and I imagine it will wing it’s way to bargain bins soon after the films initial hype is done with.

Comicscene: We read this sort of garbage so you don’t have to.

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