2000AD Summer Special 2021 Preview

Summer is hotting up – and out of the comic blocks is the 2000AD Summer Special which features interwoven stories in Dredds Universe.

Behind a cover by Neil Robert’s Judge Dredd meets up with Cursed Earth Koburn in BioHazard by Michael Carroll and Ben Wilshire.

Chopper is a wanted man in Dreamgazer by David Ballie and Tom Foster.

Armitage and Devlin Waugh are in Brit Cit by Liam Johnson and Robin Smith with additional stories featuring Anderson by Maura McHugh and Judge Inaba by Karl Stock.

The Special comes to newsstands early August.

More exciting newsstand comic news to be announced soon but don’t forget you can also get the ComicScene Summer Special 2031, featuring stories from Pat Mills SpaceWarp, The 77 and more for FREE from the end of June if you join Comic Club. Join the Club today here

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