Interested in the History Of Comics? All 4 Volumes Of Crikey Collected Available Now.

Interested in the History of Comics? All four Crikey! Collected Books now available for £20 each. Perfect Bound. Full Colour. Over 250 pages. Get all four volumes now as an add on to the current History of Comics kickstarter

Contents include

Volume One – Volume One.

New material including Crikey! History, Ken Reid and Carlos Ezquerra. Steel Commando, Seduction of the Innocent. Frank Bellamy. Wham!. Jackie, Pete’s Pocket Army, Terry Bave, Our Ernie, Lady Penelope, Ron Embleton, Rocket, The French Connection, Victor, Scream, Halls of Horror, Adam Eterno, Don Lawrence, Comic Annuals, Misty, Tammy, Ian Kennedy Starblazer Covers, The Haunt of Fears, Mike Noble, Andy Capp, Captain Phantom, Spellbound, Countdown, Captain Marvel, Thunder, Romeo, Oink, Frank Hampson, Gil Page, Dan Dare, Topper, Commando

Volume Two

King Cobra, Super Cats, Victor, Beano, Young Warrior, The Hillys and the Billy’s, Dandy, Sparky, Beezer, Plug, Hotspur, Warlord, Free Gifts, Black Bob, Garth, Pocket Chiller Library, Graham Bleathman, Billy Bunter, Thunderbirds, Tornado, Halo Jones, Ron Turner, Spaceship Away, Phantom, Charley’s War, Comic Conventions, The Avengers. Romero, Top Secret Picture Library, Marvel U.K. , Valiant, David Lloyd, Roy of the Rovers, Walt Howarth, Terry Curtis, Jane, Captain Britain, Axa, Zero X, Seduction of the Innocents, Death Wish, George & Lynne

Volume Three

Includes Super Spies Issue 1, Miracleman, Dez Skinn, Marvel U.K., David Wright, Jack Kirby, Tammy, Euan Kerr, Dennis the Mennis, Don Starr, Jeff Hawke and Sydney Jordan, Commando, Steve Holland, Charlie Peace, Striker, Pete Nash, D Day Dawson, Pat Mills, Albion., Leah Moore and John Reppion, The Persuaders, Doctor Who, Frank McDiarmid, Kevin O’Neill, Mike Higgs, Tank Girl, Action, Bryan Talbot, Rupert, The Perishers, The History of British Comics by Bryan Talbot, Eagle, Lew Stringer

Volume Four

Featuring the never before printed Super Spies 2 and Crikey! Issue 17, Peter Maddocks, Faceache, Sweeny Toddler, Captain Hurricane, Darkie’s Mob, Peter O’Donnell, Eagle Next Generation, Mick McMahon, Look-in, Action, I Spy, Bojeffries Saga, Joe Coquhoun, Keyhole Kate, Stingray, Rogue Trooper, New Adventure of Hitler, Superman, Deaths Head, ABC Warriors

And much more at the kickstarter

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