Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix

Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix

“The only thing you have to guide you is family.”

The actor, Brian Cox, would have been perfect as one of the older heroes like the Utopian. Unfortunately, he has been busy making Succession which is about the older generation trying to pass on their values to the next generation, whereas Jupiter’s Legacy is about… Oh, wait a minute. (Queen Elizabeth should be watching these shows – forget about The Crown!)

Here’s a Frank Quitely comic brought to life. The exquisite costumes are a feast for the eyes. For lovers of Easter Eggs, check out the Quitely Express van. Come to think of it, superheroes are not alone in having aliases – Vin Deighan has one.

Mark has run with Stan Lee’s perfect line: “With great power…” And then we are told what that means: “There’s some people in trouble and they need me.” If you break the code of conduct, the people will lose their trust in their heroes. (Come to think of it, Boris should be watching this as well.)

Alan Moore famously declared that Watchmen was designed so it couldn’t be filmed. How does this adaptation of the Jupiter GNs rate against the comic? Well, they are different media, of course. The central fight with Blackstar in the comic is unfilmable as it stands because while cinema is obliged to move through time, comics move through space. But not every Netflix viewer will be coming to this after reading the novels. They are both good.

Very little time in the first episode is spent in the 1930s where the origin is set, but you’ll only notice this if you watch it one episode at a time – like I do. Most people will binge watch and the mysterious island will soon appear. It just gets better and better.

The BBC should have snatched up the UK talent that gives us Happy, The Boys, Jupiter’s Legacy and the rest. Their loss, sadly. But not a problem for 21st century viewers. Watch these shows on whatever device you fancy. They’re all brilliant!

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