ComicScene History of Comics 1986 out this week

The History of Comics 1986 Is out this week. Each standalone perfect bound book features one year in comics. The books have regular chapters on Culture and Comics, The Comics Museum, Top 10 Comics You Must Own, Reviews and Comic Facts.

There are also in-depth articles in the 1986 edition on Watchmen, The Nam, Mazing Man, 2000AD DiceMan, Oink, Metalzoic, Elektra, Daredevil and more.

Enjoy the year that brought you the Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Yummy Fur, The Shadow and Maus by ordering your copy at GetMyComics here.

The 1986 book and all books in the series are part of your digital membership of Comic Club for only £3 a month or a one off payment of £30. The print option is £10. A £20 option is also available with Shift Comic and a mystery indie comic every five weeks. More details here. All options include over 3000 pages of online material for any comic fan to enjoy.

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