Well, this seems to be the hot comic of April 2021, as the speculators fight amongst each other to hoard copies and get rich down the line, whilst comic fans who just want to read it wonder what all the fuss is about. The fuss, it seems, is that this is a collaboration by “Doomsday Clock” creators and long time DC stalwarts Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, with excitement ramped up by the fact it looks like being a very good series indeed.

Traditional writer and artist labels are ditched here, with both men being listed together as “creators”, which is fair enough. For the sake of argument, though, we’ll assume Johns did the writing and Frank did the art, albeit no doubt with plenty of co-operation.

“Geiger” issue one does a wonderful job of setting the scene, as in a post apocalyptic Nevada we see a man who walks around without a suit, protecting his land from marauding gangs and factions. He is Tariq Geiger, and we see that he was tragically shut out of his family shelter thirty years ago. With his glowing eyes, deadly combat skills and two headed dog/wolf, he’s certainly an interesting central character, and no doubt there’s a lot more to learn about him. We are also introduced to local boss “The King”, and future conflict is effectively set up.

The story here is very well told, and gripping from start to finish. Gary Frank is a stunning, highly detailed artist and he shines here, no doubt enlivened by a creator owned project far from DC’s grabbing paws. The art is fantastic throughout, a real feast for the eyes, but anyone who has seen Frank’s work will know that he rarely produces anything less. As someone who enjoyed “Doomsday Clock”, I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes. Could be explosive…

Geiger is published by Image Comics

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