‘Alpha Dogs’ is a new comic from the mind of Jon Dexter (Steel Hawk), a four year passion project initially inspired by his pit bull mix , Pig. There’s six days to go on the Kickstarter and it’s perilously close to target, so we at ComicScene though it deserved a little push.

Our doggy hero is Buck, a pit bull washed up on a U.S beach with four bullets in him. As we watch, those bullets are expelled, wolverine style, from his body. Buck, it seems, is not your average dog, with his regenerative abilities added to by an ability to understand humans. He comes from a house shared with another, older dog with abilities, Cyrus. Their owner is a sciency type, and no doubt is responsible in some way for the abilities (and there may be more).

So how did Buck, shown four months earlier in a happy home, get to be bleeding on a beach in the middle of the night? Where did his abilities come from? What else can he do? Well… you’ll have to back it to find out, obviously. The scripting here is compelling, and I do love a good animal story, and full marks to Fernando Melek for his clear art, beautifully coloured by Ezequiel Dominguez. It’s exactly the sort of comic I like to see, and there’s obviously a lot of thought gone into it on every page.

Come on, ComicScene fans – let’s get this one over target. It’s the dog’s…

Press on the “K” in the top left corner to go to the project page

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