“The Illusion Witch” is a recently funded Kickstarter project from writer Ruben Romero and artist Andrea Errico. The plot concerns Aadya Locke, a young woman who is a successful stage illusionist, thanks to her father introducing her to the crafty when she was young. The title comes from her stage name – The Illusion Witch.

Straight off, this one impresses. The art is immediately approachable, with clear lines and a lot of energy, and the first three pages draw the reader in by recounting young Aadya’s relationshop with her father. Later on, she’s a bitter asshole who’s a big draw for her ever impressive act, but I’m guessing her story arc will no doubt include becoming a nicer person.

Ah yes, the story. It’s not what you’d call very original, as there’s a fantasy realm that’s in some sort of dire trouble, and only one person from our realm can help. Can you guess who it is? Of course you bloody can. When telling a standard story with your own spin, it’s important that you make it readable, and I’m very happy to say that Romero has done a very good job here. Aadya is not a typical heroine, and the illusionist angle plays well (and no doubt will come into play when she gets to world saving). There’s even a cute talking animal, sent yo find Aadya and bring her back to do her saviour thing. I’m not sure what the animal actually is, but it looks like a weasel or something and is not given a name yet. Cute, though, with a fun personality that is endearing (as it should be).

I’m not sure how many issues are planned, but this is a very impressive start, setting up characters and leaving enough mystery to make we want to see what happens next. There’s a couple of bad language panels that really are not necessary, as without them (and a couple of also unnecessary cheesecake shots), this would be a great all ages title. Regardless, this is a very well written and illustrated first issue with character, action and humour that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good comic. Roll on issue 2.

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