The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 1

Fact file – I was never a Marvel U.K. fan. I know lots of ComicScene readers are but I was always a Make Mine DC reader.

So usually I wouldn’t pick up an Amazing Spider-Man Issue 1. But along with the Disney+ and movie tie in specials I did pick this up. Largely due to the price. A very affordable £2.99.

I can’t say the story and art was necessarily my cup of tea. Above average at best. But at £2.99 a pop it peaked my interest enough to say I am willing to see where the story goes in future issues.

The young Spider-Man title sell bucket loads in the U.K. and this would be a nice progression title for anyone wanting to continue reading comics beyond the age of 12. Accessible and value for money. This was in WHSmith, Sainsburys and Tesco. What more can you ask for.

After the stop start year Panini Comics have had a wish them well with this title.

Tony Foster

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