AFter being VERY impressed with issue one of “Redemption” from AWA studios (who are new to me) I decided to check out some of their other comics, starting with this one, written by Bryan Edward Hill, a man who has written a mulitude of comics as well as TV work like Titans and Ash Vs The Evil Dead. The man knows his shit, so anticipation was high.

Hill is teamed here with hot new(ish) artist Pricilla Petraites, best known as the current Rat Queens art supremo. A potential team up of Batman v Superman proportions, but hopefully not like the movie, eh?

Issue one of “Chariot” really sets things up nicely, as we see an unknown woman fleeing from bad guys (or good guys – who knows?) and ending up with her nice car in the drink and her breathing her last, until something… weird happens. Cut to car nut and ex illegal driver Jim, struggling with his son’s medical bills and debts to some nasty people. So what happens to tie him to the mystery dead girl driver? Well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Suffice to say, that issue one of “Driver” made me anxious to see what issue two has in store. Hill writes a good, fast paced story with slower pacing inserted where needed. Petraites does an excellent job on the art, too, making this a comic that just begs to be read. It looks like being a gritty thriller with fantasy elements from this start, and is definitely one you should check out.

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