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Your Top 40 Comic Characters Of All Time at the I Love Comics Digital Con

Wonder Woman is Number 40

Who are your top 40 Comic Characters Of All Time? Over a thousand votes were received. The Poll was announced at the first I Love Comics Digital Comic Con 2021 on Facebook on 13th and 14th February. All the highlights are below as we countdown the Top 40 Comic Characters.

ComicScene ran the poll so we could make sure we covered all your favourite characters in our new Partwork ‘The History of Comics’.

We are celebrating 3 years in which we have produced over 30 publications with over 3000 pages on new, classic and indie comics (plus comic strips, a website and comic creator directory)
You can read them all in digital for £30 (or £3 a month) here

Thanks to Lyndon Webb, Charlie Gillespie, Martin Baines and Flops Comics for the illustrations below.

Marshall Law is number 39. When you join Comic Club you get all back issues of ComicScene in digital too. Marshal Law features.
Number 38 – V For Vendetta from Warrior.

David Broughton shared the premiere of his video drawing Shaman Kane. Shaman Kane also appears in a one off story in the current ComicScene Annual 2021. You can get your copy at

Number 37 – TIntin

Excalibur Auctions Limited began their live auction at 10am on 13th February. They sold this comics for £6,700! Find out more about them here

Number 36 – Doomlord
Number 35 – Asterix.

Pat Mills and many of the creators on SpaceWarp did a LIVE Q&A – here it is. A great insight to the project and comics today.

Number 34 – Cheeky
Number 33 – Judge Anderson
Number 32 – Union Jack Jackson
Number 31 – Johnny Red
Number 30 – Captain America

Dr Julia Round talked to Eamonn Clarke about her work, Misty and comics in a very popular chat on the day .

Number 29 – Swamp Thing
Number 28 – Green Lantern
Number 27 – Daredevil
Number 26 – The Punisher
Number 25 – Hellblazer

Dave Cook of Killtopia and Steve Tanner of Time Bomb Comics talk about their work and give advice on crowdfunders and kickstarters.

Number 24 – The Steel Claw
Number 23 – Beryl the Peril
Number 22 – Roger the Dodger
Number 21 – Robo Hunter Sam Slade


Number 20 – Miracleman
Number 19 – Braddock
Number 18 – Charley’s War
Number 17 – Rogue Trooper
An exclusive interview with John Burns took place on Sunday for broadcast later
Number 16 – Batgirl
Number 15 – Slaine
Number 14 – Captain Britain.
Number 13 – Roy Race
Number 12 – Dennis the Menace
Number 11 – Halo Jones
Number 10 – Wolverine
Number 9 – Alf Tupper
Number 8 – Warlord Lord Peter Flint
Number 7 – Superman
Number 6 – Nemesis
Number 5 – Dan Dare
Number 4 – Batman
Number 3 – Johnny Alpha
Number 2 – Spider-Man
Number 1 – Judge Dredd

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